Photography by Takafumi Ide, Photoshop AI generated extra wide background.
The original photography by Takafumi Ide, Moog Theremin in my front yard / extra wide background by Photoshop AI

about: purple sketches

Nice to meet you, my name is Takafumi Ide, the writer behind purple sketches. While working as instructional support technician in the university's art department, I create artworks using various media, such as the ones attached below. (For more information, please visit my website: work => )

はじめまして、purple sketchesの井出高史(いでたかふみ)と申します。NY州立大学美術学部のテックサポートとして働く傍ら、様々な媒体を使用する作品を制作しています。(詳しくは、私のサイトを参照願います。 website: work => )

propagate, 2006-2010, artist: Takafumi Ide, 14 feet wide circle shape / Photo date: September 2006. Lawrence Alloway Memorial Gallery, Stony Brook, NY / 16-channel sound where the sound generated LEDs / 1 minute and 56 seconds interval

While writing has been a challenge for me since childhood, expressing myself through various mediums has become a passion. I've decided to write this newsletter with the hope of fostering a deeper understanding of both myself and my creations.


I'll be writing in both my native language, Japanese, and English as I want to connect with a diverse audience. The content of the letters will include my daily reflections, insights into creating my artwork, topics of interest, experiences of living in the United States, daily discoveries, and discussions on topics like blockchain-related cryptocurrencies and NFTs, etc., which I am very interested in right now.

多くの方と繋がりたいので母国語の日本語と英語で書いていきます。レターの内容は、毎日の思うこと、自身の作品を作る上でのヒント、興味のあるもの、 米国生活のこと、日々の発見、そして今とても興味があるブロックチェーン関連の暗号通貨や NFTなど、いろいろです。

Connecting with as many people as possible through purple sketches, in what can be described as a somewhat solitary environment for my creative work, is not only a source of inspiration but also brings genuine joy to my heart. The meaning embedded in a piece of art, once it leaves the artist's hands, are entrusted to the interpretation of the viewers. The profound satisfaction comes from the community gaining a deeper understanding of the process behind my creations.

孤独ともいえる作家活動環境を、purple sketchesを通して、一人でも多くの方と繋がることは、私の制作意欲を刺激し、大きな喜びとなります。作家の手を離れた作品に込められた意味は、それを観る人の解釈に委ねられます。私が生み出す作品のプロセスを、このコミュニティの方々により深く理解していただけることは、何にも変えがたい充実感です。

With a deep sense of gratitude, I am mindful of the support from each and every one of you as I embark on a fulfilling journey of creative expression. To all the readers who join me on this venture, I hope that through purple sketches, we can share moments of richness and joy. In the midst of life's chaos, I aim to write effortlessly, like a river gently flowing, and sincerely hope you will continue to accompany me on this tranquil journey. Your company is truly appreciated.

皆さまからの支えを意識し、深い感謝の気持ちを抱きながら、充実した制作活動を展開していきたいと考えています。ご一緒していただける読者の皆さまも、purple sketchesを通して、実りのある時間を過ごせていただけたら幸いです。混沌とした世の中でもゆっくりと流れる川のように、力まずノンビリと書き続けるつもりですので、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

Takafumi Ide / 井出 高史

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Articulating fragments of inspiration in my artistic process whenever the mood strikes. - English/日本語 - 気が向いた時に、モノや音の制作過程におけるインスピレーションの断片を言葉にしています。


sound & visual / Interdisciplinary media artist: various forms of expression. Long Island, NY.